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Since its foundation in 2012, the Asia Dry Eye Society (ADES) has made significant achievements under the leadership of Professor Kazuo Tsubota. From the beginning, Council Members were established as the guiding force for decision making and taking responsibility for the annual meeting. In addition, the annual Asia Dry Eye Summit was initiated in 2012, providing a forum for clinical and basic research on dry eye. These two platforms enabled practitioners to better understand the unique features of dry eye in various Asian countries, accelerated the exchange of the clinical techniques for the diagnosis & treatment, and advanced basic research in dry eye. With extensive and in-depth discussion, the first consensus on the definition and diagnostic criteria of dry eye in Asia was developed and published. Moreover, the discussion about dry eye classification was also completed with initial alignment. These agreements have brought significant values to the basic research, diagnosis and treatment of dry eye in Asia.

As the largest and most influential platform for dry eye in Asia, ADES will strive to provide more opportunities to strengthen the communication and cooperation among ophthalmic professionals among Asian countries in the arena of dry eye. We will continue to explore the consensus of major topics of dry eye and enhance continuing medical education to further elevate the quality of professional service to the dry eye patients in this region. Meanwhile, we will recruit new members and drive the collaboration with other professional organizations to jointly advance the clinical service, education and research of dry eye in Asia.


President, Asia Dry Eye Society
Zuguo Liu, MD., PhD

about us


Organization : Asia Dry Eye Society

Founding President: Kazuo Tsubota

President : Zuguo Liu

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November1st Asia Dry Eye Summit 2012 held by the Founding Member (Tokyo, Japan)


November2nd Asia Dry Eye Summit 2013 (Tokyo, Japan)


November3rd Asia Dry Eye Summit 2014 (Tokyo, Japan)


JanuaryEstablished the Asia Dry Eye Society
November4th Asia Dry Eye Summit 2015(Tokyo, Japan)


November5th Asia Dry Eye Summit 2016 (Xiamen, China)
DecemberADES paper published in The Ocular Surface:
New Perspectives on Dry Eye Definition and Diagnosis: A Consensus Report by the Asia Dry Eye Society


OctoberAn easy summary and digest version of "New Perspectives on Dry Eye Definition and Diagnosis" was posted to this website.
October6th Asia Dry Eye Summit 2017(Osaka, Japan)


November7th Asia Dry Eye Summit 2018(Seoul, Korea)


JanuaryEstablished the Asia Dry Eye Society General Corporation (111 members as of Nov. 2019)