Asia Dry Eye Society

ADES constitution


Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the “Asia Dry Eye Society (ADES).”

Article II - Fiscal year

The fiscal year shall end on March 30 of each year.

Article III - Our goals

Our goal is to accelerate mutual academic communication and partnership with dry eye professionals including both physicians and scientists in Asian countries in order to strengthen scientific development on dry eye and to educate the public. We therefore set the following short and long term goals.

III. A - Short term

  • Establish a definition of dry eye and diagnostic criteria as ADES.
  • Create a network of researchers and physicians in each member country.
  • Hold annual meetings in order to achieve said goals.

III. B - Long term

  • Hold educational seminars/meetings in each member country.
  • Publish journals as ADES

Article IV - Membership

IV. A - Members

The Asia Dry Eye Society aims to unite dry eye researchers in Asia and promote ongoing dry eye research. Please see the following for more details on membership.

Requirements to become a regular member of the Asia Dry Eye Society:

  1. One (1) or more papers published in English on dry eye or ocular surface as the first author or corresponding author in the past five (5) years; or
  2. Recommendation from a council member

Membership is determined by the active status of dry eye research. Membership can be denied or canceled if the applicant/member is not active in their study of dry eye. In addition, current members who do not satisfy new member criteria have a 2-year period to fulfill the qualifications.

A yearly membership fee of $50 is required. Please understand that refunds cannot be granted after payment due to cancellation of membership qualification and other issues. If you have any further questions regarding membership, please contact the Asia Dry Eye Secretariat via the inquiry form.

Article V - Leadership

V. A – President

The president is responsible for running ADES and is to be elected every two (2) years by recommendations of the council members. During the first term the president will have a continuous term of four (4) years.

V. B - Vice president

Vice presidents shall be nominated by the president. Vice presidents will assist the president in organizing the council meeting and providing advice upon request.

V. C - Council members and meetings

Council members consist of the president and regular council members. They are responsible for running the council meeting and annual meeting. All decisions will be made at council meetings or by voting via email. Council members will discuss the possibility of electing new council members as well as resigning members at a council meeting every two (2) years. At said council meeting the annual business plan and budget will also be discussed and finalized.

V. D - Council members’ non-disclosure agreement

Any information discussed at the council meetings will be treated as strictly confidential and therefore shall not to be passed on to third parties.

V. E - Accounting audit

The financial report will undergo an accounting audit.

V. F - Term of office

The term of office for the president and council members shall be two (2) years.

V. G - Committee

A committee is a group working on specific research interests. Committee members are chosen at the council meeting from Asia Dry Eye Society members.

Article VI - Annual meeting

VI. A - ADES shall hold an annual scientific meeting.

VI. B - Time and location and program of the next annual meeting shall be discussed at the council meeting.

Article VII - Sponsors

VII. A - Council members shall recommend and determine suitable sponsors.

Article VIII - Secretariat

VIII - The secretariat’s office will be the office of the president.