Greeting Message

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

On behalf of Asia Dry Eye Society, it is my great honor and pleasure to invite you to Asia Dry Eye Summit (ADES) 2019 in Kamakura, Japan starting from November 8th, 2019 (Friday).

Dry eye has now become the most prevalent eye disease in Asia and in the world. The number of affected populations is rising rapidly and is increasingly considered as an important public health issue for our region. Since the Inception of ADES on Jan 1, 2015, every year we hold summit and promote conversation and collaboration between the experts of dry eye in our region.

Autumn is a harvest season. This year, we have witnessed a new era of ADES as it was officially incorporated this January in Japan due to the tremendous efforts of founding president Dr. Kazuo Tsubota and all the members of the society. The theme for ADES 2019 is “Dry Eye Topics and Treatment Strategies in Asia”,which will feature more than 15 selected talks from highly respected ophthalmic clinicians and basic research scientist. Not only we will discuss the current hot topics, but will also focus on treatment strategies specifically applicable to the Asian regions. We hope that this summit will further our understanding of treatment strategies, techniques and prevention in order to bring better services to our patients. Also, we hope this meeting will create a supreme platform to network and foster collaboration among dry eye professionals from even more ASEAN countries.

We look forward to reunite with all of you this November with a wonderful academic feast and fascinating fall foliage in Japan!

With best regards,

Zuguo Liu, MD, PhD
President, Asia Dry Eye Society

As the chairman of the Asia Dry Eye Summit 2019, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to this year’s Summit in Kamakura, Japan from November 8. Last year, members from Japan, China, South Korea, and eight ASEAN countries gathered to share their expertise in discussions on the latest information on dry eye. Based on the publication of the ADES definition and diagnostic criteria of dry eye in 2017, we strive to further expand the understanding of the mechanism of dry eye through the programs and topics at the Summit.

The theme of the ADE Summit 2019 is “Dry Eye Topics and Treatment Strategies in Asia” which will feature programs presented by clinicians from various Asian countries on Basic Research, TFOT & TFOD (Tear Film Oriented Therapy and Tear Film Oriented Diagnosis), and Clinical Research of Medical and Surgical Treatments on Dry Eye. Ultimately, we aim to create a system that can widely provide better dry eye treatments to society as a whole.

This year’s venue will be in Kamakura city which is just about an hour away from Tokyo. As a coastal city that offers stunning temples and historical monuments accompanied by sandy beaches, it is a popular tourist destination. I guarantee your stay in Kamakura will leave you delighted with the serene beauty of the Japanese autumn landscape and provide an unforgettable experience.

Kazuo Tsubota, MD, PhD, MBA
Founding President, Asia Dry Eye Society
Chairman, Asia Dry Eye Summit 2019